690 Series


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FCIProfile™Nozzle Sizes Available:

FCIProfile™ has developed a unique spreader nozzle to retrofit the back nozzle of the Toro® 690 and 695.
There is only one size available for each model sprinkler.
Please specify the 690 or 695 nozzle.

side toro690Action2Sprinkler Model Summary:

  • Eliminates the donut pattern which typically appears from 3-10' from the sprinkler.
  • >Dramatically improves water distribution on single and double row systems.
  • Stainless steel and brass construction far exceed the durability of plastic.
  • The uniquely formed stainless steel plate directs water through the orifice slots at a higher trajectory so as to clear the grass around the head, compensating for the very low pop-up height. Large droplets concentrate in the center of the stream, and throw out to a distance of 50'-55'.
  • Because there is only one large orifice opening, as opposed to two smaller orifices in the standard Toro® nozzle, plugging from debris is significantly reduced.
  • Includes one rear nozzle; (gray) for use with toro 690 series sprinklers


"Anyone irrigating with Toro® Model 690 sprinkler would be foolish not to consider upgrading to FCIProfile™ spreaders, we have seen a dramartic improvement in coverage since istalling them"

Charles Hadwick, Superintendent
The Country Club of Lincoln
Lincoln, NE