Underhill FCIProfile - Solid Metal Golf Sprinkler Nozzles

The Story

With all of the money you’ve spent on your irrigation system, getting water to your turf should be easy... Powerful sprinkler heads, miles of high-pressure pipes, sophisticated controllers, and your large monthly water bill are supposed to keep your turf green. But you know the reality: dry spots here, flooded areas around sprinklers just doesn’t seem like the water is getting to the right place at the right time. Poor irrigation uniformity is usually blamed on system design, low pressure, wide sprinkler spacings, or even on the superintendent...but the more common, more serious culprit is the sprinkler nozzle.


The Problem

The greatest compromise in traditional manufacturing is the use of plastic sprinkler nozzles. Using plastic is cheaper, but it limits manufacturing consistency, and the performance of brand new “identical” plastic sprinkler nozzles can actually vary quite a bit! Add the effects of wear and/or plugging over time, and those donuts, hot spots, wet spots, and even disease will only get worse as your distribution uniformity deteriorates even further. Frankly, plastic sprinkler nozzles also suffer from limited design know-how, which explains why they haven’t improved much in decades.

The Technology

Enter second generation sprinkler nozzle designer David Malcolm, one of those curiously brilliant scientists absolutely consumed with his work, focusing passion, technology, and artistry on getting you the highest level of irrigation uniformity attainable.

He began with an essential...solid metal, so that the sprinkler nozzles could be manufactured with performance consistency and durability. Then he formulated the idea: maximize the range nozzle stream, then strip a small portion of it for precise placement across the entire coverage area to supplement the often overburdened spreader nozzle. The idea became reality, and the industry standard straight bore nozzle became obsolete.

The Product

Cold, hard, metal. Solid brass housing and stainless steel orifices.
Designed to perform within 5% of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) nozzle flow rating, each FCIProfile™ sprinkler nozzle is individually assembled by hand to assure proper alignment of all components for consistent performance nozzle to nozzle. They cost more than standard plastic sprinkler nozzles, because there is nothing about them that is either standard or plastic. And considering their lower water, energy and maintenance costs, FCIProfile™ sprinkler nozzles actually pay for themselves very quickly. And after that, they’ll actually be increasing your revenues as you continue to pay less for water and maintenance.

The Proof

FCIProfile™sprinkler nozzles undego relentless testing, logging countless hours at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) indoor lab facilities and on-site field testing. This not only assists in design refinement, it provides proof of the superior distribution uniformity of the nozzles by comparing data from tests of stock OEM nozzles under identical conditions.


"I would like to order 10 more of your 690 nozzles. With this order my conversion will be complete. I am very happy with the results as we are going through a mild but dry summer and the fairways look great."
Joe Kuta, Superintendent
Hartford Golf Club - Hartford, WI

"...with the Profile nozzles, we don’t have a single ring around sprinklers like we had before."
Phil Fitzgerald, Superintendent
Steele Canyon Golf Course - Jamul, CA

"I cannot understand why one of the major sprinkler companies hasn't just bought you out, Profile nozzles out perform their stock nozzles hands down."
Charles Joachim, Superintendent
Champions Golf Course - Houston, TX

"We replaced the nozzles on 2200 heads...we have no more donuts...quality work and we are very pleased."
Bruce Williams, former CGCS
The L.A. Country Club - Los Angeles, CA