Sports Turf Sprinklers

Water Your Entire Field from the Sidelines

Underhill™ Mirage™ M-160 sprinklers, with a throw radius of over 174 ft. (53 m), are often installed completely outside the playing area of football and soccer fields. Precision rotation speed adjustment and the available artificial turf cover has made them worldwide favorites for synthetic sports fields. M-160 technology is also well regarded for highly efficient irrigation and dust control. Employing precision German engineering in design and manufacture, Underhill™ is now offering the finest sprinklers in the world.


The Synthetic Sports Field Specialist.

With a powerful 174 ft. (53 m) throw radius, M-160 sprinklers are absolutely unbeatable at cooling artificial turf, dust control and irrigation. Featuring ultra-precise rotation speed adjustment, these piston-drive water cannons get the job done quickly and efficiently. M-160 Series sprinklers provide full or part circle operation and are capable of showering an entire football field from the sidelines. Select plastic or artificial turf cover, in green or tan.

Make In-Field Sprinklers Disappear

For larger areas where irrigation must be installed within the playing area, Underhill™ Mirage™ M-115 sprinklers cover a lot of ground and pull a disappearing act when not in use. A large 4'' deep x 9'' diameter (101 mm x 229 mm) natural grass sod cup cover and the 8.1'' (206 mm) pop-up offers virtual invisibility in the field, and unmatched protection for players and mowers as well as prevention against vandalism. The M-125 Series features an increased radius and plastic or artificial turf lids in green and tan.

Natural Turf Sod Cup + Towering 8” Pop Up.

A very impressive long-throw sprinkler in its own right, the M-115 Series is most noted for the extra large 4'' (101 mm) deep sod cup cover which holds a 9'' (229 mm) diameter section of natural grass. It is virtually invisible when not in use, a feature which provides excellent protection against vandalism and damage from mowing equipment. Athletes enjoy the nearly seamless playing surface, enhancing their performance and reducing injury.

A typical large rectangular sports field would require only three full circle M-115-F sprinklers placed invisibly in the playing area, supplemented by eight part circle M-125-P heads at the sidelines to achieve complete irrigation and the ultimate in safety and economy. A professional baseball field requires between six and nine M-115-F sprinklers supplemented by 16 M-115-P heads at the infield edge and along the warning track. Syringe the infield and warning track areas by simply flipping the part circle sprinklers into full circle mode.

M-125 Series sprinklers feature the same internals as the M-115 Series, but are supplied artificial turf or plastic covers in green or tan, and two extra high capacity nozzles for an extended throw radius. They are designed for installation in artificial turf fields, or in the out-of-play areas of natural turf fields.


The Finest Sprinklers in the World

Beijing, China - August 2008 Olympic Site

The superior characteristics of Mirage™ sprinklers is proven daily at the futuristic Allianz Arena in Munich, the new FIFA complex in Zurich, Athens 2004 Olympic, China 2008 Olympic sites and many other landmark projects worldwide. (A list of installations is available on request.)

San Jose State University Spartan Stadium Field Renovation

San Jose State's popular Spartan Stadium has become a year-round sporting and entertainment venue for the University. To meet the demands placed on the Stadium, the University has elected to replace the existing natural turf with a synthetic turf system. The synthetic turf system provides significant advantages for the University: it will reduce the amount of field use time lost to inclement weather conditions and substantially reduce maintenance time and water usage.
Underhill M-125 were installed for cooling and dust control.


M-125 installed at San Jose State University Spartan Stadium